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 [Tex] Deathrun Rules!

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PostSubject: [Tex] Deathrun Rules!   Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:49 am

These Rules of [Tex] Deathrun
I Hope Everyone Respect.

Rules :

1. Do not Publication Your Server or ( Facebook, Youtube Channel, E-mail, Phone Number ) or Banned!
2. Do not Ask For XP or Spawn or Other Shit ( Admins Gives Everyone XP to Level 31 For Free ).
3. Do not Activate Traps in Free Run Round.
4. Do not Wear Fake [Tex] Tag.
5. Do not Leave Activator Area.
6. Do not Shoot In Free.
7. Do not Shoot in Start ( Maybe You Hit The Will Become Activator ).
8. Respect Turns And Say Your Number ( Expect Old Room ).
9. No Knife In Sniper Room.
10. No Roll The Dice In Rooms.
11. No Hacks.
12. No Spam.
13. No Wallbang.
14. No Glitch.
15. No Insult.

Respect Rules & Have Fun !
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[Tex] Deathrun Rules!
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